Thursday, 6 September 2012

Malaysians continue their norm hunt with a resounding 3.5-0.5 win over Libya and Pinoy Power! by Junior Tay

Yesterday, I reported that in order for Mok and Zhuoren to keep their norm chances alive, they not only had to win on demand, their team mates also must pull in the points to help them meet high level opposition.

And indeed the team did their part superbly. IM Lim Yee Weng smashed FM Ahmed's Philidor, IM Jimmy Liew came back from a difficult position to get the advantage and finally settled for a draw. Zhuoren eked out the unlikeliest of wins when his opponent inexplicably moved his King to the wrong square in a drawn position when all winning hopes seemed lost. Finally, mighty Mok sacrificed a pawn early to avoid getting squeezed and kept the tension to win back the pawn. His endgame technique earned him another pawn as he continually tortured his opponent with Knight forays. His opponent had to give up his Bishop for a rampant h pawn and Mok wrapped up the game. Truly re-mok-able tenacity. With this big win over Libya, Malaysia is rewarded with a match against Columbia. Mok will be up against a GM and Zhuoren's rating category gets a boost as he is paired against a player rated 2398 or 2500. The Singaporean online viewers (many of whom are Mok's comtemporaries and opponents more than 15 years ago) are rooting for him. IM Hsu Li Yang summed up our feelings aptly- "One can't help but feel inspired by the Great Mok!" Whatever the case, I expect Zhuoren to feed me with the famous Klang Bak Ku Teh as promised when I next go Malaysia. Hey, we're as fervent as the Lee Chong Wei supporters during the Olympics, staying up way past midnight to support, you know.

For more inspiring stuff, check out the Pinoy Power Performance!, Most pertinent was GM Torre, who made it to the team after GM Sadorra pulled out citing University committments. He is on a 4 game unbeaten streak and upended GM Nigel Short to help Philippines to a shock 3-1 win over England. Now they are on Table 2(!), facing the Great Wall of China.


  1. Hi Junior Tay,

    Thanks for your continuos write up (and support too!) on Malaysian team.

    Written with consistency, analysis and fair are among the first blog i go for Olympiad story!

    ...makes me feel bad for not writing about Singapore Team :( ... for which i have to admit I don't have much knowledge...unlike the way you have on Malaysian Team!


  2. You're welcome. Actually, I know Mok, Yee Weng and Zhuo Ren personally (and have played all 3 of them too in tournaments) so I (and the whole chain gang) have vested interest in rooting for the team. I understand the Malaysian Women team are doing extremely well too, having beaten higher rated opposition such as Bolivia, Canada and Bosnia Herzegovina.