Friday, 7 September 2012

Olympiad Round 9 - Singapore trounces Syria 3-1 by Junior Tay

Today, only Li Ruofan had a hard time playing Syria's highest rated player as the rest won comprehensively. From an equal position, she decided to hunt down White's h pawn but her attempt was rebuffed tactically and devastatingly.

GM Zhang Zhong had garnered a sizable advantage on the Queenside when his opponent decided to grab space on the Kingside with g7-g5. The Singaporean GM suddenly switched play to the Kingside and that was it.
Steady play from Ravindran, who after working out an edge, got payback for missing an intermezzo yesterday when his opponent did likewise today.
And Daniel F once again (like in Round 8) patiently continues his little pokes and knudges to weaken his opponent's position. His opponent got impatient and sacrificed a pawn to go all out on the Kingside. Daniel plucked the pawn, defended well but had to win the game all over again when he exchanged Queens too early.

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