Friday, 7 September 2012

Bittersweet Day for Malaysians - by Junior Tay

Mok's GM norm aspirations went askew as he overreached in an attempt to win at all cost against Columbian GM Cuartas by refusing to defend a slightly inferior Rook and Pawn ending. The thing is, when nobody ( maybe not even himself) expected him to beat the 2600+ level GMs, he played freely and without restraint, scoring an astounding 2.5 out of 3 against them. He had held Nyback and Yehuda Grunfeld in worse endings but having to beat Cuartas from a position void of weaknesses proved too difficult.

In any case, now Mok can in the future look at a strong GM in the eye and feel confident about his chances, having bested 2 2600s. Lim Zhuo Ren completed the requirements for the FM title, scoring 6/8 after a smooth win over FM Rios. He will get the title regardless of whether he wins in the  last round as he needed to score 66.67% over 9 games. To get the IM norm, on the other hand, he needs to draw against a titled player rated 2307 or higher or beat one rated below that. However, Malaysia's next opponent Japan's Board 4 or 5 are not FMs, IMs or GMs. So it all hinges on who he meets in the final round....


  1. Zhuo-ren only needs only to beat a 1800+ rated opponent to secure a 13-game IM performance norm. Beating an IM opponent is required only for a 20-game IM (Title result) Norm. A norm is a norm, whatever name its called.

    I was thus surprised when I saw Malaysia's line-up against Japan. With his hot streak, Zhuo-ren obviously should have played as he had every chance to beat the 2211-rated Averbukh or the 2137-rated Japan 5th board. Someone made a boo-boo here.

    Hopefully Zhuo-ren gets another chance with an even more suitable opponent in the final round. I My best wishes to Zhuo-ren to get his norm.

  2. Yes, you are right that Zhuo Ren could have made a 13 game IM performance norm had he played and won against Averbukh or Iwasaki. Zhuo Ren only found out after Round 10 was played. I had no idea about this.

    From FIDE Rulebook:

    1.21 As indicated below, a player may gain a
    (a) title from such an event or
    (b) gain a single title result (norm). Then the requirements in 1.42 - 1.49 shall apply.
    (c) gain a single performance norm. Then the requirements in 1.22, 1.42, 1.46-1.48 shall apply.

    And in section

    For the purposes of norms, the minimum rating (adjusted rating floor) for the opponents shall be as follows:
    Grandmaster 2200
    International Master 2050
    Woman Grandmaster 2300
    Woman International Master 1850

    1.46c1 No more than one opponent shall have his rating raised to this adjusted rating floor. Where more than one opponent are below the floor, the rating of the lowest opponents shall be raised

    1.46D Unrated opponents not covered by 1.46c shall be considered to be rated at the rating floor level. See FIDE rating regulations for the current level of the floor.

    I'm not sure if this applies if Zhuo Ren were to meet the Thai UR player in the final round.

  3. Hi Junior, I believe you have a point there. Regulation 1.46a allows up to two unrated opponents out of 9. In that case, the Thai UR would be raised to the adjusted rating floor of 2050 since LZR's other opponents are rated.

    My calculations show a win against the Thai UR would give LZR an Rp=2475, which is well above the 2450 requirement. However, a draw gives Rp=2421 which is not sufficient.

  4. A draw might be sufficient. The opponent is 2273 rated.

  5. Someone who is well versed in this sort of thing should double check and confirm. We really shouldn't be speculating as there's a big difference whether a win or a draw is required.

  6. LZR's opponents: 2630,2207,2429,2050*,2191,2234,2179,2398,2273 = 20591 total
    (*1981 raised to adjusted rating floor)

    Rating average of opponents = 20591/9 = 2288

    A draw gives 6.5/9=0.72 <=> dp=166

    Thus Rp = 2288+166 = 2454

    Can somebody re-check my calculations.