Sunday, 9 September 2012

13 game IM norm for Lim Zhuo Ren! by Junior Tay

Congrats to Zhuo Ren who aced his first (13 game) IM norm with a clinical win. What's remarkable is that he found out only 15 minutes after Round 10 that he could have gotten the norm had he played and won against Japan. So he had to endure 2 more days of waiting before trying for it again.

When I emailed him telling him that I will treat him to Balestier's best (Hokkien mee, Rojak and braised duck) if he wins and any beverage of his choice to drown his sorrows if he loses, his answer was "Thanks! I will make sure I get it!". But I bet there were butterflies in his stomach...

OK, congrats to Mighty Mok with his excellent performance and for coaching the chap from National Jr Champ to National Champ to FM and now to an IM norm holder. Anyway, I'm earning my Klang Bak Ku Teh by showing his IM norm securing win!


  1. sorry just clarifying but did Lim Zhuo Ren play 5 titled players or did the rules change on norm requirements?

  2. For the Olympiad, there's such a thing as the IM (or GM) performance norm. The 5 title holders rule is not required (but the 3 IMs rule stays of course) and the player must perform at EL0 2450 or above to make the norm. That's the norm Zhuo Ren made.

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  4. Congrats to Zhuo Ren - 6 wins in a row at Olympiad level is not easy at all. A worthy performance for the IM title! Chong Ghee