Sunday, 2 September 2012

Olympiad Round 5: Another creditable performance as Singapore ousts the Faroe Islands 3-1 by Junior Tay

Clinical sustained pressure by the husband/wife duo of GM Zhang Zhong/IM Li Ruofan ensured the local chess viewers much cheer although Wei Ming's increasingly unstable King's Indian setup and Ravindran's tricky Italian Game position had us worried.

Zhang Zhong used the slightest of advantages to wear out his opponent here.

After a rest day, a rejuvenated Li Ruofan unleashed Aronian's 9.h4! in the QGD Lasker Defence and finished the game off beautifully.

An off colour Ravindran got hit by a truck carrying a not so quiet Piano.

And finally, Wei Ming decided to throw caution to the wind and play sacrifically, upon seeing Zhang and Mrs Zhang chalking up the points effortlessly. The local online viewers were very impressed with his ability to generate threats to fend off White's growing positional advantage. A modest Wei Ming later claimed that it was desperation that did the deed.
Watching this game, I was reminded of the famous Linares KID Saemisch game brilliantly conducted by Kasparov. You can check out the game here. Due to an extremely urgent family situation, Wei Ming has to cut short his Olympiad stint and return home, though. Malaysia, as expected, beat Suriname, also by a 3-1 score, though IM Lim Yee Weng's extremely dodgy Hippo (Terry, it's all your fault!!!) had us on tenterhooks for most of the game.

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