Saturday, 22 September 2012

Meng Kong and Edward Lee in KL Open - by Junior Tay

GM Dr Wong Meng Kong and Edward Lee are currently in KL, taking part in the DYTM Raja Nazrin Shah International Open. Meng Kong has 4/7 so far and Edward 3.5.

In Round 2, Meng Kong lost a hard fought game against GM Mark Paragua.

I feel that Meng Kong's subtle play with the minority attack against Malaysian junior Fong Yit San  is worth showing here.

I've learnt about another prodigy (apart from 9 year old FM Ram - see the notes to the Fong YS - WMK game) 14-year-old Indonesian Jodi Setyaki Azarya from NM Olimpiu Urcan's website. Jodi had led th the tournament after Round 6 together with GM Tiviakov before the GM outplayed him in Round 7. It's alarming how fast these kids are improving indeed.

Now, the tournament is into Round 8 and the KL Open ends tomorrow.

You can check updates on Chessresults

NM Olimpiu Urcan's new website offers a look at Singapore Chess from the perspective of someone with more than a decade's experience in local chess happenings.

Check out his views here as well as more updates on the Singaporeans' performance here - KL Open 2012 - Singaporean results


  1. I am very happy to read that Olimpiu has resumed writing on chess matters. I have just looked at his new website and am glad that he has continued from where he left off with SCN.

    It is important for Singapore chess to have writers like Kevin, Junior and Olimpiu provide their views on the technical aspects of chess as part of enriching our Singapore chess heritage. Other bloggers such as John Wong fulfill a different role that deals with live issues affecting the Singapore chess scene which is also important.

  2. Thanks for your support! It is far more difficult to blog about chess politics, which tends towards divisiveness and often involve too much mudslinging, vitrol, one-sided reporting and personal agendas. The chess greats like Fischer, Karpov and Kasparov have their supporters and detractors but no one can deny their fantastic chess play.

    My personal opinion, of course.