Saturday, 26 January 2013

Michael Fernandez unbeaten at Chester Chess Congress - by Junior Tay

Michael Fernandez - picture from the English Chess Federation website.

Michael Fernandez demonstrated at the Chester Open that he can hold his own against ELO 2000+ players. Scoring 3.5/5, he finished in a tie for 4th position. Michael was one of the 4 unbeaten players at the event, the others being eventual winner GM Mark Hebden, runner up GM Keith Arkell and 2076 rated Liam Rabbitte.  Michael made a TPR of 2214 and will emerge 29 ELO points healthier.

After a slow start of 3 consecutive draws, Michael  concluded the event with 2 wins inclusive of the following which is a nice instructive lesson on how not to hurry in the endgame...


  1. Strong young player. Hope he gets to represent Singapore this year. Maybe the World Under-16 Boys Olympiad?

  2. Was this standard, rapid or blitz? It is paramount to emphasize this every time from now on so that we know and do not wonder about it for too long, tks.

  3. It's standard - 90 minuites for whole game + 30 seconds increment per move.