Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Upset galore at Thomson Club - by Junior Tay

Right smack in Round 1, Tin Ruiqi was slotted in to play on Board 1 against the top seed, ELO 2208 rated Raul Gomez Munoz, a Research Fellow at NUS. Showing no signs of nerves, she plunged headlong into the sharpest of all openings, the Sicilian Najdorf English Attack. Gomez got the upper hand but chose to trade Queens, perhaps trying to outfinesse her in the endgame. Here's how Ruiqi overcame a 626 point ELO deficit to earn the biggest scalp of her short career (so far).
Gomez reeled off 5 subsequent wins over some of Singapore's top juniors and made it back to the top board in the final round as the joint leader. He was paired against EL0 2139 rated veteran Tan Poh Heng. Poh Heng rose to the occasion and beat off the challenge of the Mexican!

Thus Poh Heng won the event with 6/7, one whole point ahead of Tommy Tan (who beat him in Round 3), Ong Yew Chiang, FM Tin Jingyao (unbeaten but bogged down by 4 draws), Steve O'Reilly and Gomez. 



  1. Which ratings were used for this event, I cannot figure this out from the site info, SCF or FIDE rapid? Is the SCF ratings formula on how to gain rating the same as the FIDE ratings formula? I can find on the FIDE site rating calculators, but for SCF I cannot see. Thanks.

  2. Perhaps you should ask the organizers about this instead.