Sunday, 20 January 2013

Some brilliant games of NM Prof Lim Kok Ann

During the 1996 National  Championships Qualifiers, Prof  was pitted against the 1994 Cairnhill Open and National Under 16 Champion Lau Keng Boon. Prof gambled on a pawn sacrifice  to wreck Keng Boon's central  pawn wedge and to open Queenside lines. Another daring  pawn sacrifice was made to  establish a strong central Knight  outpost and raking Bishop diagonals. The youngster was  reduced to pushing Queenside  pawns when Prof zoned in for the  Kingside kill and there was no  defence to the heavy Black

Though Prof had never reached the ranks of IM or GM, he had even in  his late 70s given strong players
and youngsters a good lesson or two over the chessboard.Once, I asked Prof which was his  favourite personal chess game and he showed me the following riposte:

Three Singaporeans from the National Training team took part in a selection event to pick Singapore's representative for the Philippines Meralco Open Championships in 1968. Prof had qualified after scoring 6/8 against Lee Chee Seng and Giam Choo Kwee.  The Meralco event was won by GM Gligoric and Balinas with 12/15. Prof eventually finished 12th with 5.5/15 but not before crushing the 1963 Jarkarta Zonal champion IM Bela Burger.

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