Wednesday, 2 January 2013

SCF's HPE League - The Big Elo gainers - by Junior Tay

The 1st SCF HPE league saw the emergence of quite a few strong National Juniors who demonstrated that they could confidently take on masters at FIDE time control. The biggest ELO gainer is Ashvin Sivakumar (featured here in an earlier article) who completed his assignment with a massive 42.75 increase after scoring +1 against 6 ELO 2000+ players. Tin Ruiqi (+24.75), FM Tin Jingyao (+13.35), Lee Qing Aun (+28.5) and Heng Zheng Kai (+28.35) also did very well at the event.

But today, I would like to feature William Woong who not only earned 38.1 points in the HPE League, but also chalked up a massive 36.45 points gain in the 2012 Penang Heritage Open event. Even though he was only seeded a lowly 7th, he dominated the National Age Group U12 event with 8 wins out of 9 games, finishing with a tremendous 1.5 point gap ahead of his rivals! The total ELO gain from these three events for the ACS Junior schoolboy in December 2012 is a fantastic 100.8! Extremely well done indeed!

William (left) at the National Age Group U12 event playing Tan Jun Hao (Thanks to for the pic!)

Here is William's forceful win over WFM Zinmar Min Thahn in the HPE League.


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