Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Singaporeans vs the World Champions by Junior Tay

 FM Wong Foong Yin (right)  playing NM Koh Kum Hong in a casual blitz game last year.

NM Olimpiu Urcan had, through his correspondence with former World Champion Vesselin Topalov, received some old gamescores from the 1990 Singapore-Queenstown Open. One of which was the following encounter with Singaporean FM Wong Foong Yin in which he featured in his blog.

Some time ago, I had done some digging into the old archives to see if any Singaporeans had personal encounters with World Chess Champions and well, IM Tan Lian Ann had played Smyslov and Spassky before.
 A picture of Tan Lian Ann in the 60s.

Here is Lian Ann's excellent draw against Boris Spassky (who was still in the World's Top 5 in 1976).

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  1. Thank you, but its very difficult for me to follow the annotated game on screen, its too large.