Monday, 17 December 2012

Penang Open - Singaporean Prize-winners - by Junior Tay

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to see Singaporeans (or Singapore-based players) making their rounds in regional events such as the Penang or Bangkok Opens / Challengers events. Besides broadening their chess knowledge (mostly through hard knocks), they also get to find out if they can make their mark outside the local chess circuit. The recently concluded Penang Open was a great success, prize-wise for the Singaporean contingent.

Here are the Singaporeans (and Singaporean-based coaches) prize list.  

Penang Open
7th place: WIM Gong Qianyun - 700 ringgit
13th place: IM Luis Chiong - 500 ringgit
16th place: Jimson Bitoon - 300 ringgit
17th place: CM Derek Lim De Li - 300 ringgit
19th place: FM Tin Jingyao - 300 ringgit

Penang Challengers (Main)
4th place: Steffi Lim Wan Yu - 300 ringgit
5th place: Isaac Ethan Soh Hong Han - 300 ringgit

Penang Challengers (Under 12 Boys Category)
1st place: Jonathan Kow

Penang Challengers (Under 12 Girls Category)
1st place: Emanuelle Hng Mei En

Penang Challengers (Under 10 Boys Category)
1st place: Royce Tan Jun Yi
2nd place: Lew Zhi Hong
3rd place: Low Yi Quan
5th place: Yu Zheng Wen

Penang Challengers (Under 10  Girls Category)
1st place: Krystal Valerie Soh
4th place: Eunice Hng Mei Xian

Penang Challengers (Under 8 Boys Category)
2nd place: Cyrus Nisban
3rd place: Marcus Chen Meng Boon
4th place: Shaun Lee Jun En
5th place: Timothy Chan Wei Shyan

Congratulations to all and also a big thanks to the organizers for introducing so many prize categories to encourage the junior players!

The complete prize-winners' list can be found here.

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If you wish to know more about Penang Chess, you can check out its website here.


  1. Why are there no cash prizes in the nationals?

  2. Well,it's kind of strange to be asking us this since we are obviously not the organisers. You should be directing this query to the SCF.

    Secondly, what has this got anything to do with the article? :)