Saturday, 29 December 2012

National Candidates: IM Ramos and FM CS Chia show the youngsters a thing or three! by Junior Tay

We move the attention away from the National Premier to the Candidates where veteran masters IM Domingo Ramos and FM Chia Chee Seng remain unbeaten so far.

 FM Chia Chee Seng vs Iskandar Abdullah (1/2-1/2), IM Domingo Ramos vs Tan Weiliang (1/2-1/2). In the background is WIM Gong Qianyun who is scything down the field in the National Ladies.

57 year old FM Chia is currently leading the pack with 4/6 having beaten both Tan Weiliang and Iskandar Abdullah 1.5-0.5.

The following game has him demonstrating how to combine defence and attack to down Tan Weiliang.

IM Ramos started his campaign later and has 2.5/4 so far, after drawing Weiliang, Shawn Yong Han and Chee Seng. He outfoxed Iskandar Abdullah here with the following:

Current Standings:
FM Chia Chee Seng 4/6
Tan Weiliang 3/5
IM Domingo Ramos: 2.5/4
Shawn Yong Han 2.5/5
Iskandar Abdullah 1/6

Note: FM Liu Xiangyi has yet to commence his fixtures.

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