Sunday, 30 December 2012

IM Luis Chiong's attacking gems - by Wei Ming

After an arduous morning round where I had to defend for long periods against the positional maestro IM Rico Mascarinas, I had the good fortune of analyzing a couple of IM Luis Chiong's victories in the 64th National Championships with the protagonist himself. Luis has already been featured here once (see Junior's article here) and he is well-known in the local chess scene for his full blooded approach to the game. Luis loves to attack and is never afraid to shy away from a fight which means that his games were often the most interesting to follow. With his permission and taking a break from posting and showing off my own games, I'll like to present a couple of his wins from the tournament.

First up, we observe how Luis breaks down the defense of the solid Queen's Indian Defence:

Next, Luis demonstrates how to handle an Isolated Queen's Pawn with attacking verve:

We hope to feature more games and other players on this website in 2013.


  1. Congrats Weiming!

    Please consider using html5 for future updates... we cannot enjoy the exciting games using tablets...

  2. Thank you...can you give me a lesson on how to do so?