Sunday, 22 July 2012

Jarred Neubronner and Tin Jingyao outclassed the field at the 1st SMU Random Chess tourney.

In the past few months, the SMU Mindsports Club has been organizing chess-related events such as a Transfer Chess tourney, a Simul Challenge and yesterday, they initiated a 7 round Random Chess event where the home rank pieces are randomised. One point to note was that the organizers made sure everyone got something to go back with as all players were awarded  certificates of participations and those who finished 1st to 3rd in the Secondary, JCs/CIs, Polytechic and Universities were awarded trophies and certs of merit. Those who finished with 4.5/7 were awarded certs of merit and the top 5 overall players bagged medals and certs of merit too.

 CM Jarred Neubronner and FM Tin Jingyao proved that they are equally adept at theory-deficient chess when they steamrolled the field to finish on 6.5/7. Jarred took the title and the Champion's trophy on tiebreak. Their nearest pursuer was Conan Wong who scored 5/7 followed by WFM Victoria Chan , Iskandar Bin Abdullah, Tin Ruiqi, Lee Qing Aun and Chan Weng Kin (all 4.5/7).

Here is the heavyweight encounter between Jarred and Jingyao. (We were unable to key in castling functions of Fisher Random positions from both ChessBase and the Chessviewer. Hence, Jarred only showed the game after both sides have castled)

Analysis by Jarred Neubronner and Junior Tay


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  2. Can you please analyse the game Jobava - Kamsky? It's the recent ACP game. It looks really really fascinating