Monday, 9 July 2012

IM Terry Toh's provocative play - by Junior Tay

IM Terry Toh was commenting about the following last round game (which earned him 2nd place in Thomson) where his King sauntered around the centre and then took a hike to c6. He was also interested to know if the engines that be can find a breakthrough plan for White.'s the Houdini engine's opinion on the matter.


  1. For the Houdini line, I was planning to play 19 Rf5 Qg7 20Qf3 Ke6 (the King is an active defender!) 21Nc4 (or 21Raf1 Raf8 with the idea of f6) Ne7 22. Ne3 b5… Black's position is dodgy but I couldn’t see a clear refutation on the board and I have one extra piece and the more active King.


  2. On IM Terry Toh's idea from comments: White's winning after 19.Rxf5 Qg7 20.Raf1! (instead of 20.Qf3): 20...Raf8 21.Qf3 and if now 21...f6 then 22.e6!! and it's all over. If 21...Ke6 then 22.Rf6+! Nxf6 23.Qf5+, again, it's game over. Even in the line he offers (19.Rf5 Qg7 20.Qf3 Ke6?? 21.Raf1 Raf8) Black is lost due to the simple 22.Rf6+! 1-0. In fact, the king's position is a major liability and the whole concept is not sound at all. Too bad White missed the train (17.f5!).