Sunday, 15 July 2012

Daniel Fernandez in Crete - Conclusion and ACO World Convention

Round 6 saw a bizarre drawn result after a fierce 14 moves of aggressive chess by both sides.
However, Daniel's unbeaten streak was finally snapped in Round 7 when he missed a critical move on the confounded 40th move....
It takes a certain je ne sais quoi to play the Hippo opening like Daniel did in Round 8...probably a dash of insociance and the willingness to gamble anything.

In the final round, Daniel lost to Indian IM Ashwin Jayaram to finish on 5.5/9 and he earned at least 13 more ELO points. Daniel will next compete in the 5th Paleochora International Chess Tournament 2012 
from 16-23 July where he is up against 22 GMs and another 12 more IMs.

News from the Middle EasT: Three Singaporeans had ventured to Dubai to compete in the Amateur Chess Organisation World Convention events.

Alvin Ong took part in the Group A Category (Below 2400) while Jimmy Ng and Tan Poh Heng participated in the Group B Category (2000-2199). Alvin finished on 4/9 (6th in a field of 10) while Jimmy and Poh Heng concluded with 5/9 (6th) and 4.5/9 (8th) respectively in their 16 strong group.

Final scores: Group A , Group B

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