Monday, 8 July 2013

Gambit Play by Junior Tay

I would like to present you two examples of gambit play.

Last week, after playing an online blitz game on I lost) with an anonymous Singaporean, the fella messaged me and revealed that he is Lau Keng Boon, an old chess friend whom I have not met for more than 10 years. Keng Boon was the 1996 National Champion and he has not played competitively for more than 10 years. Keng Boon is also one of Khoo Geak Chong's prodigies (an impressive list - just offhand, IM Goh Wei Ming, CM Kek Wei Chuan (National Champion 2000), CM Chua Han Wei (ex-National Youth Champion) are among them) from Boon Lay Primary and he was a rising star in the 90s. I recall that he had also played in a Singapore Pools  IM event in 1997, scoring wins over Indonesia GMs Ardiansyah and Suradiradja. Anyway, I would like to show you  this incredible game he played in the 1996 National Championships and won the title after finishing 2nd as his opponent, the strong GM Tu is not a Singapore Citizen or PR.

In recent tourney encounters between FM Jarred Neubronner and CM Tan Weiliang, the former kept hitting a brick wall trying to batter down Weiliang's ultra-solid Giuoco Piano. This time, in the Serangoon Rapid event, Jarred decided to throw caution to the wind and simply sacrifice a pawn early (move 4!)to confuse Weiliang. However, the plan misfired as Weiliang refuted the opening confidently. Jarred had to move to hustler mode to win a pulsating well played encounter.

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