Friday, 22 March 2013

Picket Fencers and Multi-champions by Junior Tay

In the recently concluded National Schools Individuals, I found it interesting that in the Boys'(aka Open) section, there were 6 players who won the titles with a perfect 7/7 score (FM Tin Jingyao in the Junior Open, Joel Ong  in the Open U8, Cyrus Nisban in the Open U9, Alfred Chua in the Open U10, Cyrus Low in the Open U11, Calvin Ong in the Open U15) while in the Girls' Sections, only Sunshine Kong (Girls U9) and Steffi Lim (Girls U11) attained the same feat. Of course, this in no way indicate that the girls have less fighting spirit and are more likely to take draws.  In fact, there were plenty of hard fought games among the girls. Check out the following remarkable results:

Steffi Lim (Northland Primary) - 1st in Girls U11, 1st in Girls U13 and 5th in Girls U12.
Tin Ruiqi (Nanyang Primary) - 1st in Girls U12, 2nd in Girls U13, 3rd in Girls U11.
That's a gruelling 21 games over 3 days and both of them went back with 3 trophies.Quite a cool way to end the March Holidays....

Calvin Ong of Hwa Chong Institution, the runaway winner of the Open U15 championships sent us some games from his event (upon request).

First up, Calvin's win over top seed Isaac Ethan Soh (ACS Independent)  who eventually finished 2nd.

    Finally, a miniature with ye ole Grecian Gift....

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