Tuesday, 5 March 2013

No quarter asked, none given....by Junior Tay

At the closing ceremony of the Public Service Teams, the MOE convenor Francis Lee remarked with a smile that MOE 1 had effectively ended the chances of MOE 2 finishing 2nd when the former beat the latter 3.5-0.5 in their 3rd round encounter. Indeed, no quarter was asked, and none was given. However, the result could have gone either way as MOE 2 had very good chances to take 2 points.

On Board 2, an incredibly tense slugout occured between MOE 1's NM Olimpiu Urcan and MOE 2;'s Seow Yong Li, a game which could have gone either way. Urcan by now needs no introduction and Yong Li besides teaching at Pioneer JC, is also an accomplist lyricist (You can check out one of his works here). There is nothing melodious about the game though. It's just plain brutal hacking by both sides.


We swing over now to Board 3, where Chang Cheng Hwee, the chap behind the highly successful Northland Primary chess programme, representing MOE 2 takes on National Junior College teacher Pok Wern Jian. Wern Jian, having represented Malaysia in various international events such as the 2002 World U16 Olympiad and Singapore vs Malaysia Challenge, was favoured to win but Chang matched him in terms of raw ferocity.

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