Thursday, 4 October 2012

GM Wong Meng Kong finishes 7th in Hong Kong International Open 2012 by Junior Tay

GM Wong Meng Kong took part in the above-mentioned event, finishing with 6/9 for a tie for 7th to 10th position in a field of 60 (7th on tiebreak). Spanish expat Alberto Muniz, who was based in Singapore for the past few years, also finished with 6 points.
GM Wong Meng Kong (Thanks to Alberto Muniz for the pic)
NM Olimpiu Urcan had earlier reported on his column about the event and Meng Kong's performance in the first 4 rounds, inclusive of an endgame loss against eventual champion top seed English IM Zhou Yang Fan. Sixth seeded Meng Kong offset losses to Zhou and US based Filipino NM Alberto Riveira with draws against Chinese nationals Chen Baining and Bai Jinshi (2nd place winner on tiebreak) and 5 wins. Here's a nice boa constrictor type squeeze from Meng Kong in Round 7.
More information on Hong Kong Chess can be found here.
Results from Hong Kong International Open 2012 can be found here.

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