Friday, 31 August 2012

Olympiad Round 3 - Another disappointing day as Singapore crashes 3-1 to Kyrgyzstan. Malaysians shine as Mok and Yee Weng crush 2600+ GMs! by Junior Tay

Singapore's poor run of play continued as we got pulverised by Kyrgyzstan 3-1. It looks like there are few pushovers at the Olympiad. IM Li Ruofan played well and equalised easily in the opening. However, she was unable to defend a ferocious Kingside attack by her opponent.
IM Ravindran Shanmugan's opponent was obviously well prepared for his 2.d3 Closed Sicilian and played extremely actively. Ravindran missed the wily 24...Bc5! and Takyrbashev swifty hoovered all the pieces off the board for an easy endgame win.
Wei Ming was definitely off form as his opening play, usually his strong point, lacked its usual finesse and panache. He missed equalising continuations and in time trouble, sacrificed the exchange for a pawn but could not save the game.
Zhang Zhong showed how to bounce back after a loss with a businesslike takedown.
I just hope we can be inspired by the excellent play of the Malaysians who gave ELO 2600+ GMs a pasting en route to a 2-2 draw against Egypt. An instructive endgame win by an old friend who 'pretends' to be a trainer but plays like a seasoned world class professional.
Indeed 'Like a Boss!". And finally, Yee Weng demonstrates to the former World Junior Champion that he is up to the task in the theorertical labyrinths of the QGD Anti Meran Botvinnik system.


  1. Thanks for covering and analysing games played by Malaysian!

  2. Can I second that as a former M'sian? Still following M'sian chess as much as I can ...... Just wondering whether IM Mok will unveil his "Mokdern"?

    Also enjoyed your analysis of IM Kevin Goh's French game from the other day.