Monday, 27 August 2012

Istanbul Olympiad - Hopes, Hives and a Huge h Junior Tay

As our players make their way to Istanbul for the 2012 Chess Olympiad, perhaps it's a good time as any to speculate on a target. Daniel F mused that if the teams members perform at 50 points above their ELO ratings, they might finish in the top 40 but a top 20- 30 finish would be awesome.  Tan Weiliang also agreed that a top 40 finish might be possible if Wei Ming retains his fiery form at the Asian Nations Teams (pressure, pressure...) and the rest play up to their potential (more pressure...). As a yardstick, the 40th seed Kazakhstan  is rated 2524.

First, Wei Ming had to settle a medical problem as he was hit by hives upon reaching Changi airport and had to sustain an anti-inflammatory jab to settle matters. Hopefully, he will recover before the opening round.

Here's a game from Daniel F's final warm-up event (which he had concede after 5 rounds to catch an Istanbul bound flight). As Terry Toh had put it, 'the only other fella (besides him) to play a decent Hippo (somehow decent and Hippo sounds incongruent) is Daniel Fernandez...

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