Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Goh Wei Ming, Kevin - Das Arghyadip, DYTM Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah Invitational Masters Round 3

In the 3rd round, I had to face Indian IM Das Arghyadip with the White pieces. Buoyed by my 2nd round win against Anh Dung, I naturally wanted to win badly given that I was White and that a win would put me back on track for the coveted GM norm. However, Das is clearly not a pushover as he had outplayed Malaysian no.1 IM Mas Hafizul nicely with the Black pieces in round 1 and was clearly better against Oliver Barbosa in round 2 (before blundering the game away). I was sure that both of us would be playing actively for the win and sure enough, the game turned out to be a huge tactical battle:

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