Friday, 20 December 2013

Outstanding performances by Edward Lee and William Woong at the London Chess Classic FIDE Open - by Junior Tay

Last week's London Chess Classic saw Nakamura demonstrating why he should be considered a contender to the World Champion Magnus Carlsen's future title defence. From the quarter finals onwards, Nakamura upended two World Champion finalists (Gelfand and Short) and 1 former World Champion (Kramnik) to win the title.

Meanwhile, Edward Lee Kai Jie, playing in the FIDE Open section, made 5/9 to clinch the Top Junior Prize of 125 pounds.

Here's an outstanding win from Edward over ELO 2508 IM Vladimir Hamitevici in Round 5.

William Woong made twice of what Edward earned (250 pounds) by finishing 1st in the U2000 category. Estonian IM Kalle Kiik must have felt he was up against a brick wall as his kingside attack failed to pay dividends when met by William's extremely solid defence.

Congratulations to both Singaporeans for taking out IMs with their superb defending and for topping their categories!

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