Saturday, 2 November 2013

IM Chan Peng Kong in New Zealand - Junior Tay

IM Chan Peng Kong (right)  tying for 3rd place with IM Paul Garbett and FM Luke Li  (picture taken from the New Zealand Chess site )

IM Chan Peng Kong makes yet another sojourn to New Zealand to take part in the George Trundle Master Event and the South Island Championships. In the first event, he was unbeaten by pegged back to an equal 3rd placing with 8 draws(!) and 1 win. Here is his draw against FM Luke Li from the 1st round which was a precursor to show that he wasn't going to have an easy time in this event.
At the South Island Championships, he managed a tie for 4th place. It looks like he was determined to get a decisive result this time as he logged only one draw this time.

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