Monday, 26 August 2013

Blasting the Barry Attack - by Junior Tay

Hi! Long time no see. For the past month, Wei Ming and I have been pulling all stops to work on our respective first chess books, hopefully to be out for sale before the year is up.

Anyway, here's a smashing win by IM Daniel Fernandez over British GM Mark Hebden last week in the Coventry Open.

Daniel is currently leading the event with 4.5/5 and playing White today against FM Peter Sowray who has 4/5 together with Hebden and James Jackson (both playing on Bd 2). Coventry Open pairings and results here.

Update: Daniel drew Peter Sowray and Board 2 was a draw too. So Daniel goes into the final round with 5/6, 1/2 point in the lead and will be playing James Jackson.

Final Update: Daniel defeated James Jackson to win the event with 6/7, half point ahead of Hebden.

1 comment:

  1. Wow! what can one say? I hope this game does not get published much - it will ruin all my opening preparation!!
    Well done to the winner though - amazing game