Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Book sale!

I am intending to clear out my shelves and have made the painful and brave move to put up most of my chess books for sale. Most of these are in excellent condition and will be heavily discounted ranging from 25% - 75% depending on the condition and the degree of relevance to today's context. Therefore, a book that is published in 2007 will have a higher discount as compared to one published in 2011, ceteris paribus.

I have at least scanned through most of these books and can give a reasonably reliable review if so required. I apologise if there are some overlaps in the pictures below, these were taken while I was hurriedly packing my things! 

If interested, please leave a comment here, or contact me at

*GM 6, the Sicilian defence available


  1. Dear sir,

    How do you find Yuri Yakovich's "Sicilian Attacks"? I am interested.

    Thank you.

  2. The book talks about different typical Sicilian pawn structures and different plans from White's perspective. For example, chapter 1 is "Scheveningen Structure, Black pawns on d6 and e6". I believe this book is suitable up to 2200 level.

    Unfortunately, this book has been reserved. You might want to purchase the book elsewhere, such as who offers free worldwide shipping.

  3. I just took another look, there are a few v good theoretical chapters on the Dragon and I now think even IMs and GMs can learn a few things from this book.