Saturday, 6 April 2013

Creative Chess Advertisements - by Junior Tay

50 years ago, the Singapore Chess Bulletin was headed by Prof Lim Kok Ann with Dr Phoon Wai On as the Assistant Editor, IM Tan Lian Ann the Games Editor and Mah Beng Guan, the Business Editor. Apart from the tournament reports, game commentaries and  the Master move contests, In my opinion, there were also other novel aspects to the magazine.  The front cover had interesting figurines and a different colour scheme for different months. However what I found extremely interesting were the creative advertisements placed within the magazine. I'm not sure whether this was due to the wicked wit of Prof Lim or any other culprit. But check them out for yourself how a chess motif is woven into each advertisement.

This one suggests that Tiger Balm Oil will help the chessplayer overcome lost positions. Now we know why Chinese Grandmasters like Wang Yue apply the ointment during his tournament games.

This is especially so when after applying, you might just find brilliancies over the board, according to this ad.  Hmm, gotta get myself one of these before my next tournament....

Next up, a couple of bank ads featuring Chess Champions from the Tan family. 

Since you can rely on champions like Lian Ann and Lian Seng to deliver powerful checks, you may choose to place your money with the bank which issues reliable cheques. 

However, my favourite advertisement is the following one...

You'd better start ordering the chess magazine or you'll be labelled a 'chicken'! 

And because of this advertisment, I'm sure it's Prof Lim Kok Ann who was the for these creative advertisements!

Note: For the non Singaporean/Malaysian or Indonesian, the direct translation of the word 'Ayam' is 'chicken'. A more detailed and figurative translation can be found here.

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