Monday, 21 November 2016

Announcement - Migrating to

After browsing through for an hour, I realised that the interface is so much more user friendly as compared to Blogger and as such, I would be posting more regularly here

My first article can be found here. Please share or leave a comment if you like it!

I will be posting the non-technical stuff here and one of the things I will discuss soon is the ongoing investigation by the SCF's ethics committee in regard to the Baku Olympiad selection. Given that the outcome has not been decided, I am not at liberty to disclose too much information but I can say that at least 2 other parties have come forward and shared testimonies that are very similar to my experience. The committee has promised us a response soon and once that happens, the truth will surface and everyone can then move forward. 

Going back to the technical stuff, I will also be re-hashing some of my old articles here, and Singapore Chess News but I will of course re-check and update the analysis where necessary. My next article would be a review on the latest chess-site in town, and it would be a really detailed one so, don't mind the cliche, but watch this space!

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