Saturday, 4 June 2016

Official Statement

On 7th May 2016, I had published an article that details my issues with the current executive committee of the SCF. 

Subsequent to the publication, I was approached by various members of the Exco, including the current SCF President, Leonard Lau. We have had many discussions since and many of the issues highlighted have been addressed. As such, I am happy to retract my statement and I will continue to play for the country in future team events.

Wei Ming

4th June 2016


  1. Please prepare well for the event and make your final GM-norm! T.Luther

  2. Disappointing act from Wei Ming. You give me the impression that you had been making use of us and the media to achieve your desired objective- playing for the national team.

    How many times have you retracted your statement? In one of your posts before the 2014 Olympiad, you mentioned that 2014 Olympiad could be your last Olympiad and it was an emotional one. After the recent debacle, you stated that you would never play for the current EXCO ever again. Now, you are retracting your statement. Please do not mince your words. You are a reputable chess player and please mean what you said so that you can continue to be a role model for future generation.

    The slots for the national team are meant for those who had participated in the National Championship and had earned their rightful spots through legitimate means.If you have not taken part in it and still want to get a guranteed spot in the team solely based on your past achievement and current ratings and through making use of online ranting, I must admit that was a really low blow hit below the belt.

    Just my honest opinion from a few of us who once treated you as an idol but not anymore. The recent online ranting of yours was utterly childish and not befitting of a home bred local talent.

    1. Whoever-you-are:

      1) I think you should first establish some of the facts before making certain assumptions in your comment.
      2) As for pointing out that my "rant" was "utterly childish", I find your comment to be equally emotionally charged.
      3) If you feel so strongly about the subject, rather than posting an anonymous comment, feel free to speak to me in person anytime. I am generally open to publishing comments on my blog but I think you will agree that it is a tad unfair to launch personal attacks without putting a name to your comment.

      Wei Ming

  3. All the best you have our full support

  4. Completely disagree with the anonymous poster attacking Kevin. Kevin never says that he refused to negotiate. However, he should give more light. Did Kevin just get the best deal for himself? How about all the others frozen out by the selection policies of the current Exco ?

    1. Hi,

      1) My article was written mainly because I felt that the selection guidelines were clearly and fundamentally inappropriate as they were published only after the main "selection" tournament aka Nationals was played. It has got nothing to do with the fact that I were, or were not selected for the Olympiad. Clearly, Mr Anonymous Attacker had either not read my article or he possesses some kind of warped logic that this is a perfectly acceptable practice.

      2) I had retracted my statement because certain members of the SCF had been very reasonable in their approach and had held many open discussions with me on how protocols on selection matters will be improved moving forward.

      3) In no way was my article posted because I was demanding for an Olympiad spot. Anyone who has reasonable reading comprehension skills should be able to decipher that from my post. Clearly, Mr. AA above has inappropriately misrepresented my article.

      4) One of my questions to the HPE committee was why there wasn't a selection tournament after the guidelines were published. That would have been THE legitimate selection, not any events before that.


    2. Completely disagree with aa 4 June.
      Kevin, did the cmmiittee give an assurance to conduct its selection in a more transparent manner in future? I mean, they negotiated with you but you are an established player and you made them be more accountable - but what assurance for other players like my kids? I don't have a blog to publicize matters. Did the committee agree to publish guidelines clearly and in full well before an event? Or at least to hold a selection event after the criteria are published?

  5. Let's take this offline, and please write to me at