Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Malaysian boy Aron Teh finishes 2nd in World Amateur Championships - Singaporean Youth Olympian Wong Yee Chit ends event with 5/9 - by Junior Tay

An unbeaten run with 7 wins and 2 draws in Romania brought 15 year old  Aron Teh of Malaysia a tie for 1st in the World Amateur Championships . He was edged out by 17 year old Vrencian Lehel of Romania on tiebreak and the latter earned the FM title and a 2200 ELO rating. Aron had to settle for the prize money of 1350 Euros (same as Vrencian), the silver medal and a 2100 ELO rating. One notes that Aron had been mentioned by IM Jimmy Liew and FM Peter Long last year as a player to watch out for.

Singaporean Youth Olympiad member Wong Yee Chit started well with 4/5 but back to back losses in Round 6-8 pushed him back to the middle of the pack, finishing with 5/9.

 Here is the individual encounter between Wong and Aron. A well played opening by both sides led to an equal Rook and pawn ending but the Malaysian's more confident handling of the endgame proved the difference.

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