Sunday, 4 November 2012

Strong start by Ashvin Sivakumar at the HPE Training League - by Junior Tay

Ashvin Sivakumar, the National Under 11 champion made full use of the opportunity to play masters for ELO rating points by scoring an outstanding 2 points against 3 of the strongest players in the league.

 Ashvin receiving the Challenge trophy for winning the 2nd Patrick Tay Challenge event with a perfect 7/7 result.

Ashvin's win against NM Robert Suelo Jr and his draws against NM Arlan Cabe and Tan Weiliang allowed him to  make a TPR of 2340 and he is poised to earn 40+ ELO points. FM Tin Jingyao has also made netted some ELO points by drawing higher rated players such as James Attwood (England) and WIM Angela Khegay. Also, Lee Qing Aun took out WFM Zinmar Min Than and Gabriel Cheang and can expect a nice ELO gain too.

Thanks to IM Domingo Ramos who scanned all the Round 1 to Round 3 scoresheets  into PDF format, we can now view how the games went.

Here are some interesting games from the event.

Ashvin proved that he is as adept at chess as at National Spelling Competitions by beating NM Robert Suelo Jr in this superb strategic display.

The biggest upset so far from the tourney is Northland Primary's 10 year old Steffi Lim's win over WFM Zinmar Min Than when she floored the Myanmese master with the following tactic.

The matchup between two of our most promising juniors ended abruptly with this stock Rook sacrifice by Heng Zheng Kai.

A nice switch from a complex middlegame to a winning ending by Heng Jun Kai.
Updates, scanned gamescores and tables of the SCF HPE League can be found on the SCF HPE page.


  1. There is an error in the game Cyrus Low versus Heng Zheng Kai. The black player is actually Heng Jun Kai, 1823 fide-rated player, born in 1992 and not Heng Zheng Kai, the young Tao Nan Player.

  2. Thanks! I've edited it.


  3. How to calculate TPR for one player, tks.

  4. I've been using Kosteniuk's ELO calculator. So far, it's been very accurate at forecasting TPR and ELO.

    It's available at