Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Universiade Shenzhen 2011

I just returned from Shenzhen after coaching the Singapore team at the Universiade 2011. It has been a real eye opener for myself as this is the first time that I was attending a major tournament as anything but a player. The players worked hard and enjoyed themselves tremendously and I am proud of all of them not just because they fought hard each game but also because their conduct was exemplary throughout the event. Special mention has to be given to Jason, Qingyang and Nat who took time during the event to annotate their games for publication on SCN and in doing so, do a small part in contributing to chess writing and ultimately, to the chess community as a whole.

I am preparing a final report for SCN which will conclude my thoughts on the event and for those who have not seen my articles on the first 8 games, please head to www.singaporechessnews.com and check them out now!

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